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About Us

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RDRTec performs innovative radar research and development for the U.S. Government and its prime contractors

RDRTec works with top tiered U.S. government contractors who transition RDRTec’s innovative solutions from research and development to integration on key existing platforms

RDRTec was founded in 2006 for the purpose of performing basic and applied scientific research, and providing science and engineering consulting to Government agencies and private industry.

Dr. Sid Theis - CEO & Founder

Dr. Theis has extensive experience in active element phased array radar systems, mode and waveform design, simulation and system design. Current focus areas include radar architectures, algorithm development, and performance studies. He has over 30 years of experience in radar systems engineering.

Robert Hancock - Senior Analyst

Mr. Hancock has over 40 years experience in radar system design,
development, and evaluation, including over 35 years in the development
of detailed radar simulation modeling tools. He has participated in
numerous US DOD funded radar design and development efforts. He brings with him the expertise and software that has developed commercial software packages for antenna/radar system design and simulation. Those products include RAST, PAAS, and IRSS which are widely used by industry, government agencies, and universities. Mr. Hancock is the lead engineer on the AFRL sponsored RLSTAP simulation tool development effort. Mr. Hancock has participated in numerous Space-Based Radar design and evaluation efforts funded by DARPA, AFRL/Rome, and Grumman/Bethpage from 1977 thru 1986 and more recently for the Space Radar Integrated Program Office.

Michael Matuson - Senior Software

Michael Matuson is RDRTec lead for software process, simulation architecture design, and software design. He began his career at the Applied Research Laboratory at the Pennsylvania State University as a Research Assistant working in the field of underwater signal propagation and signal design where he developed advanced signal processing algorithms for use in sonar imaging. At Texas Instruments Defense Systems, where he spent 15 years, he was an advance sensor simulation design expert. He was involved in modeling passive RF sensors that included interferometer angle estimation, radar sensors and imaging infrared sensors as well as developing high fidelity simulations for a wide variety of purposes. He developed imaging processing algorithms for fire-and-forget technology missiles and autonomous target recognition algorithms for missile and other airborne platforms. In 1999, he became an independent contractor for designing simulations for real time visual fidelity and high fidelity radar models. He joined RDRTec in 2006.