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Welcome to RDRTec

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Radar Technology Specialists

RDRTec performs innovative radar research and development for the U.S. Government and its prime contractors

RDRTec collaborates with top tiered U.S. government contractors who transition RDRTec’s innovative solutions from research and development to integration on key existing platforms

RDRTec solves information-processing problems associated with advanced sensor systems. Our specialty is the full exploitation of radar sensor data in both the coherent and noncoherent domains. We have developed a suite of real-time and off-line radar processing tools that optimize the timely evaluation of advanced sensor system data. These tools have been incorporated into customized radar processing applications for various governmental, commercial, and industrial organizations.

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Radar Detection and Tracking of Small Maritime Targets at High Grazing Angles
This program demonstrated the feasibility of utilizing new innovative pulse interleaving techniques to enable long integration times while maintaining search area rate. Enhanced high-grazing-angle sea surface surveillance radar mode performance was developed to detect and discriminate small maritime targets and maintain overall situational awareness.

Automated Ship and Small Craft Classification Tools for ISAR Imagery
This program developed an innovative approach to estimating small boat feature height estimates. This included image processing and image selection algorithms.

Automated Ship and Small Craft Classification Tools for ISAR Imagery
This program extends our previously developed small boat feature height estimation and image selection algorithms and provides an automating feature extraction capability for use in automatic classification.

Concepts for Pulse Interleaving Radar Modes
This activity addresses the feasibility of implementing a Sense and Avoid (SAA) capability on Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) as an additional mode to existing and planned radars.